Salata Institute Student Organization Funding Program

The Salata Institute’s Student Organization Funding Program supports student organizations across Harvard University that jointly undertake climate-focused initiatives. The purpose of the Program is to encourage student groups with a shared interest in climate change, to collaborate in organizing programs, projects, and events that enrich student learning and contribute to the University’s efforts to meet the global climate challenge.
Feb 13, 2023

Program Qualifications

The Salata Institute, in consultation with a faculty selection committee, will make funding decisions based on the following criteria.  

  • The proposed initiative involves two or more established student clubs or organizations at Harvard University.  
  • The extent to which the proposed initiative forges new connections among students or strengthens existing ones.  
  • The proposed initiative’s contribution to the Salata Institute’s efforts to strengthen research, education, and public engagement on climate change and related environmental issues.

Fall 2023 – Application Instructions

Applications are Open.

Please submit your team’s completed application by the deadline of Friday, September 29, 2023, at 11:59 PM. The application comprises the following sections:    

  1. Organization Information: Names of participating student organizations or groups. 
  1. Contact Information: Student applicants’ names, organization titles, schools, and emails. 
  1. Project Description: A 500-word description of the proposed project or initiative 
  1. Project Responsibilities: A 200-word paragraph describing project responsibilities 
  1. Budget Form: funding request must not exceed $2,000.00 USD 

The following templates can be accessed through the Application Portal and should be used to complete sections 3 –5.    

  1. Project Description template   
  2. Project Responsibilities template   
  3. Budget Form template 

To submit your application, please enter the requested information for each required section and upload the completed templates in PDF format.

A faculty panel will review the applications and make funding decisions in October of 2023.   

Please contact Oona Gaffney,, with questions. 

Looking for ideas? Read more about past projects funded by the Salata Institute in Spring 2023. 

Program Funding Restrictions

Program funds cannot be used for the following:  

  • To pay for Harvard student time. 
  • For the purchase of gift cards.  
  • For individual student travel.  
  • To fund projects that result in direct individual or personal gain. 
  • To fund aspects of a project beyond the pilot, including business start-up costs, etc.  

Examples of allowable funding expenses include: 

  • Food and catering costs  
  • Speaker honorariums 
  • Group travel costs 
  • Project materials and supplies 
  • Approved project tools 

Final budgets are approved by the Salata Institute as part of the application process. The Salata Institute reserves the right to request revisions to the proposed budget to fit within the scope of allowable expenses. All applicable Harvard University financial policies and respective School financial policies must be followed.