Finding a Career in Climate at the Dec. 1 Expo

The Salata Institute Climate and Sustainability Career Expo will bring together Harvard students and alumni to network and discuss opportunities in climate and sustainability with dozens of employers on December 1st.
Oct 24, 2023
By Christina Strachn

Are you interested in pursuing a career in climate or sustainability, but don’t know where to start? This year, students and alumni are invited to a new University-wide career expo for those interested in climate and sustainability. Mark your calendar for December 1!

The Salata Institute Climate and Sustainability Career Expo will bring together Harvard students and alumni to network and discuss opportunities in climate and sustainability with dozens of employers on December 1st. Harvard University graduate and undergraduate students and alumni can take advantage of the Expo to connect with employers offering climate and sustainability roles ranging from tech and finance to law and government, and beyond.

Explore just a few of the growing list of attending employers below:

EDF + Business 

The Environmental Defense Fund + Business is a subset of the environmental organization, the Environmental Defense Fund. EDF + Business’s mission is to create a sustainable society where companies, communities, and the environment can all thrive. If you are interested in engaging with the private sector, EDF + Business has worked toward this transformation for the past 25 years — forming partnerships and providing policy, science, and economic expertise to large and well-known companies.

Natural Resources Defense Council

Do you want a future in environmental activism and to work for a non-profit international environmental advocacy group? If you’re interested in this career path, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) may be of interest to you. The NRDC reports working with millions of activists and scientists, environmental specialists, and lawyers to confront the climate crisis and ensure the rights of all people and healthy communities.


Join the expo to learn about Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES), a non-profit organization advocating for ethical and sustainable business practices! CERES reports working with influential market leaders to help provide equitable and sustainable solutions to market-based and policy challenges.

CarbonSense Technologies

Attend the expo to connect with CarbonSense Technologies and learn more about addressing climate change in a tech role! CarbonSense Technologies is a green SaaS company empowering global enterprises to achieve carbon neutrality. CarbonSense reports working with over 100 clients in the manufacturing industry by providing operational savings and a real-time carbon footprint system.

Harvard Law School Environmental and Energy Law Program

Interested in pursuing law and advocacy for the environment? Do you want to pursue higher education and research here at Harvard? Join us to hear about the Harvard Law Environmental & Energy Law Program, which provides innovative, rigorous legal analysis to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future, mitigate the disruptive effects of climate change, protect public health and welfare from environmental degradation, promote sustainability and climate adaptation, and ensure environmental justice and a just transition for communities.

The Rockefeller Foundation

If you want to get involved in both philanthropy and finance, The Rockefeller Foundation offers an opportunity to do so and help address the climate crisis! According to the foundation, they will invest over $1 billion to address climate change and promote universal sustainability over the next five years.

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

The MA Attorney General’s Office provides great opportunities to help local communities in Massachusetts and ensure environmental justice is served! There are specific divisions under The Energy and Environment Bureau in the office, which works to protect ratepayers and our environment and overall reduce the threat of climate change for the people of Massachusetts.

Subject to Climate

If you are thinking of working for a nonprofit organization dedicated to climate and sustainability, you can attend the expo to connect with Subject to Climate! This nonprofit is a fun and engaging online resource for K-12 educators of all subjects, providing credible and educational materials on climate change to share with students.