James Engell
Gurney Professor of English Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature
Humanities Sustainability
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James Engell is Gurney Professor of English and Professor of Comparative Literature, also a member of the Committee on the Study of Religion, and a faculty associate of the Harvard University Center for the Environment. He has also directed dissertations in American Studies, as well as Romance Languages & Literatures (French). Education: B.A. 1973, Ph.D. 1978 Harvard Interests: Romantic, Eighteenth-Century, and Restoration British Literature; Comparative Romanticism; Criticism and Critical Theory; Rhetoric; Environmental Studies; History and Economics of Higher Education Selected Works: The Call of Classical Literature in the Romantic Age (2017, ed. with K. P. Van Anglen) and contributor, "The Other Classic: Hebrew Shapes British and American Literature and Culture." William Wordsworth's Prelude (1805), edited from the manuscripts and fully illustrated in color (2016, ed. with Michael D. Raymond). Environment: An Interdisciplinary Anthology (2008, ed. with Adelson, Ranalli, and Van Anglen). Saving Higher Education in the Age of Money (2005, with Anthony Dangerfield). The Committed Word: Literature and Public Values (1999). Coleridge: The Early Family Letters (1994, ed.). Forming the Critical Mind (1989). Johnson and His Age (1984, ed. and contributor). Biographia Literaria for the Collected Coleridge (1983, ed. with W. Jackson Bate). The Creative Imagination: Enlightenment to Romanticism (1981).
Romantic, Eighteenth-Century, and Restoration British Literature
Comparative Romanticism
Criticism and Critical Theory
Environmental Studies
History and Economics of Higher Education

Outside professional activities

Outside Professional Activities

In the spirit of transparency and integrity, Salata Institute Faculty Associates disclose publicly their key professional activities outside of Harvard University. The activities disclosed below are for the most recent reporting period, as defined by University policy. Some of the activities may be paid, some may be unpaid, and others may be in exchange for expense reimbursement only.

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Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson
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The Salata institute

The Salata Institute supports interdisciplinary research that leads to real-world action, including high-risk/high-reward projects by researchers already working in the climate area and new endeavors that make it easier for Harvard scholars, who have not worked on climate problems, to do so.