Spring 2024
CE 11
January 22 - April 24
Wednesday, 9:00AM - 11:45AM
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StudioLab on Creativity and Entrepreneurship


Note: Formerly offered in Fall 2021 as “LPCE 101”Will our new normal be a diminished or unimproved version of reality that simply happens to us, or can we enact change to create a “better normal”?CE 10 pursues the creation of a “better normal.” Using an interdisciplinary exploration of the liberal Arts, you will develop and apply transformative ideas to tackle today’s societal challenges, such as racial injustice, climate change, and strained health and wellbeing. You will work to develop actionable solutions to pressing issues, using the starting framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You will learn to identify and properly analyze a problem, work collaboratively to ideate and create an actionable approach, build an organizational strategy and business plan, network with experts to pressure-test your ideas, and persuasively communicate your ideas to build the requisite human capital and funding relationships to launch a venture. This class will take advantage of activity-based learning, digital assets on LabXchange, guest speakers, and an active council of expert mentors to guide you through the design of your venture.The term will culminate in an End of Semester Celebration, where individuals and teams will have opportunities to seek support to move their projects along. Through your efforts, you will imagine a better normal for society and take meaningful action to make it a reality.

The Lemann Prog on Creativity
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