Welcome to the solar geoengineering research blog

By Holly Buck, Pete Irvine, Ben Kravitz, Andy Parker, and Gernot Wagner

Welcome to the Solar Geoengineering Research blog. The goal is simple: provide a platform for solar geoengineering researchers and research. By researchers, for researchers.

We realize, of course, that any blog is necessarily a public forum. That is by design. We hope this blog provides a place for discussion between those interested in the topic, regardless of whether they are researchers, journalists, policy makers, policy talkers, or anyone else interested in the latest interdisciplinary takes on solar geoengineering. We strive for balance, though ultimately, of course, it is you, the reader, who is the judge of this.

“We” here means the five of us: Holly BuckPeter IrvineBen KravitzAndy Parker, and Gernot Wagner. It does not mean our respective institutions. It also means that this blog, while hosted by Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program, does not reflect its formal opinions, the opinions of its advisory committee, the President and Fellows of Harvard, or any other institution with which any one of us five has been, currently is, or wishes to be affiliated.

All that said, any blog like this stands and falls by its individual posts. Credit for each post goes to the individual author(s). Not all posts will be written by one of us five. In fact, the very first one isn’t. But all of us jointly decide on whom to invite to write for the blog.

Thanks for visiting. Any and all thoughts much appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you decide on what topics you want to cover in the blog?
A: The five of us choose which topics will be covered. That’s really it. There are many good ideas out there, and there are also many fora for those ideas. We will not cover all of them, nor will we accept all suggestions for topics. There are no formal criteria or rubrics as to why some topics are selected and some are not.

Q: May I write for this blog?
A: Yes. We encourage anyone interested in writing for the blog to get in touch, via email to Gernot or any one of the other four. We would be happy to consider your suggestion.

Q: Thanks for selecting me to provide a guest blog post! What’s the process?
A: You write. We read. We may suggest some edits to clarify language. None of us is a professional editor, though at least one of us has once been called “a Vox kid on overdrive.” In any case, we’ll lend as much or as little editing help as we both believe is necessary to make the post read well. The actual content and argument of your post, of course, is ultimately your responsibility.