Watch Sessions from Harvard Climate Action Week 2024

Session recordings are now available on the Salata Institute YouTube channel and website. Click for links!

In panels and events across Harvard and online, Harvard Climate Action Week participants weighed the current state and stakes of the climate crisis – and homed in on what it will take to drive further reductions in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Watch recordings from the wide range of sessions using the links below:

Monday, June 10 sessions:

Welcoming Remarks

Tackling Hard to Abate Sectors

Finding Bipartisan Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Carbon Pricing in 2025?

Environmental Justice Implementation with IRA Funds: Is it Working?

The Challenge of U.S. Climate Law in the Next Five Years

Solar Geoengineering: Ethics and Science

Strategies for Mitigating Global Methane Emissions

U.S. Climate Policy Post-IRA

Blended Finance: A Whole-System Approach to Climate Finance

Leading Together: U.S.-China Cooperation on Climate Change

Public Schools as Climate Leaders

Harvard Science & Engineering to Navigate a Warming World

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Tuesday, June 11 sessions:

Gen Z Climate Leadership

Remarks by Ali Zaidi, National Climate Advisor

Transitioning the Grid

The Importance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Charting a Just and Equitable Transition to Clean Buildings

How Cities are Leveraging Food Systems to Advance Climate Action

Innovative Climate Technologies

Leading Equitable Change for Climate Action

Rethinking Global Climate Ambitions in the Face of Arctic Emissions

Indigenous Leadership in Raising Global Climate Ambition

Moving from Innovation to Deployment: Overcoming the Challenges of Scaling Climate Infrastructure

Partnering to Scale a Healthier, Sustainable Supply Chain

Supporting Community-Led Climate Adaptation

What Could Go Wrong?

Harvard Alumni Leading Climate Solutions

Wednesday, June 12 sessions:

Climate in the Newsroom: An Inside Look

COP28 and Beyond: Climate Relief and Recovery: Paths to Peace

Museums as Storytellers and Conveners on Climate Change

Integrated Methane Inversion: A User-Friendly Tool for Monitoring Emissions with Satellite Data

Thursday & Friday, June 13-14 sessions live from Brattle Street Studio:

Thursday presentations

Friday AM presentations

Friday PM presentations