Vehicle Emissions in China: Bridging Science and Regulation

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2024, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Pierce Hall, Room 100F
29 Oxford St.
Abstract: Over the past two decades, China has undergone drastic changes in air quality, with control of vehicular emissions serving as a microcosm of China's efforts in atmospheric pollution management. This report will briefly review the evolution of atmospheric pollution and vehicular control measures in China. Then, we will explore new directions in vehicular pollution control from the perspectives of unconventional pollutants and multi-scale atmospheric & health impacts. Furthermore, we will discuss the implications of research findings on policies regarding vehicular pollution control and ambient air quality baseline design.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Liu's research explores air pollution and climate change, in addition to opportunities in the contemporary atmospheric science field, of which transportation has become one of the most determining and fast-increasing driving factors for those challenges. Her major research is to improve the understanding an predictability of the contemporary atmospheric environment by coupling traffic, material flow, and the atmospheric system. Dr. Liu earned her bachelor's degree and Ph.D from Tsinghua University. She completed a postdoc at the University of California Riverside and the International Sustainable Systems Research Center before joining the Tsinghua University faculty.


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