CANCELLED - Building an Electrical Grid for the Future

The United States is in the midst of a massive drive to reach 100 percent clean electricity by 2050, led by the enormous promise of wind and solar power. Along that ambitious road, the main challenge won't be our ability to produce enough energy in a zero-carbon world, but instead to put in place the seamlessly connected nationwide transmission grid to move electricity from where it's produced to the millions of homes and businesses where it's actually needed. Consider that the current system - which was designed for a fossil fuel era dominated by coal, oil, and natural gas - must now be recreated to meet the enormous needs of a vastly different world of green energy.

This hybrid seminar will be given by M-RCBG Senior Fellow Thomas J. Healey. It will take place in Wexner 434AB for those who wish to attend in person. Others may join us remotely via Zoom. Lunch will be served.


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