Solar Geoengineering Research Zotero Library

By Lizzie Burns, Amy Chang, Pete Irvine, Nils, Matzner*, Ella Necheles, Jesse Reynolds*, and Gernot Wagner

Ever since Paul Crutzen broke a long-standing taboo on solar geoengineering research with an essay published in Climatic Change in 2006, the number of publications in the field has increased rapidly. By now there are over 1,500.

We have attempted here to collect and catalog them in an easily accessible Zotero database. [1 March 2019 addendum:] *The original post omitted the crucial fact that this latest database is based on earlier ones compiled by Nils Matzner and Jesse Reynolds.

The database isn’t perfect, but we hope its attempts to make sense of the burgeoning literature will be useful for researchers, students, and anyone interested in getting a comprehensive overview of the field.

We are scanning the literature for new publications. If something is missing or amiss, please let us know in the comment section here. All seven of us have edit access to the database and will strive to keep things up-to-date.