Joonho Lee
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
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The Lee group develops and implements theoretical and computational methods to study a wide range of exciting phenomena in nature, whose understanding is challenged by electron-electron, electron-vibration, vibration-photon, and electron-photon interactions. Our group's current emphasis is on developing quantum chemistry methods for condensed phase problems, developing quantum algorithms for chemical problems, computational modeling of electrocatalysis, and understanding perovskites for solar applications and moiré materials. These research directions will address energy and sustainability problems and various fundamental science challenges. Joonho completed his Ph.D. work in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, under the guidance of Prof. Martin Head-Gordon. His main contributions include the development of regularized perturbation theory, coupled-cluster valence bond theory for strong correlation, and an efficient quantum circuit ansatz for chemistry. Joonho's dissertation, titled Postmodern Electronic Structure Theory, was recognized by the 2020 Justin Jankunas Doctoral Dissertation Award in American Physical Society. Since his graduation in 2019, Joonho has been a postdoc in the Reichman group at Columbia University developing expertise in materials, quantum dynamics, and vibronic problems. Joonho is also a visiting faculty researcher at Google Quantum AI, where he develops and applies quantum algorithms for electronic structure problems. Joonho is joining the CCB faculty in July 2023. The Lee group welcomes motivated graduate students and postdocs with diverse backgrounds who will work together to understand chemical and physical phenomena in molecules and materials by computational and theoretical tools.
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Outside professional activities

Outside Professional Activities

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