Craig Douglas
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
Adaptation Architecture
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Craig Douglas is a Landscape Architect whose work focuses on innovative techniques and methodologies that explore the agency of representation in landscape architectural design. His work explores the landscape as a dynamic material process in a constant state of flux through analytical and conceptual approaches integrating drawing, modelling, simulation, and sensing to make visible and reconstitute the landscape as a complex temporal and material manifold of differential space. The approach supports informed and innovative responses to the challenges found at the nexus of the social, ecological and built environment that embrace the spatial, temporal and material complexity of the landscape. It explores design as an activity of making and as an agent for understanding and responding to the challenges of urbanisation in a rapidly changing world that contributes to the complexity of the contemporary city. Douglas is a registered landscape architect and has practiced in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands, working in the offices of Karres en Brands Landscape Architects, Ushida Findlay Architects, and Lab Studio. He co-founded the highly awarded Office of Urban Transformation (OUTR) Research Lab at RMIT University with a research focus that explored the generation of sustainable urban futures conceived through a practice of design informed through a careful and rigorous exploration of economic, environmental, and social systems that constitute the dynamic medium of the landscape that is the city in a state of flux.
Landscape Architecture

Outside professional activities

Outside Professional Activities

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Outside Professional Activities For Craig Douglas
Karres en Brands Landscape Architecture and Urbanism
Architecture, planning, and design services
Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa /SANAA
Architecture, planning, and design services

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