Spring 2024
GENED 1063
January 22 - April 24
Monday and Wednesday, 10:30AM - 11:45AM
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World Health: Challenges and Opportunities


How do we analyze the health of global populations in a time of unprecedented crisis, and create new policies that address the social, political, economic, and environmental dimensions of health in an increasingly interdependent world?Extraordinary changes in the world present both risks and opportunities to health—global interconnections, shifting demographics, and changing patterns of disease. This course will challenge your assumptions about the world’s populations as you discover surprising similarities and unexpected differences between and within countries. By first positioning the concept of health as a prerequisite for strong societies, we explore its connection to human rights, sustainable development, and climate change. Drawing on examples from infectious diseases, maternal and child health, chronic diseases, and injuries, we pay equal attention to the influence of the social, political, and environmental “conditions for health.” We consider solutions from within and outside the health sector and interventions at the local, national, and global levels. Throughout the course, you’ll be asked to link classroom concepts to contemporary events, applying your analytical skills to design “problem-inspired” products that respond to and motivate action on global health challenges you care about.

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Public Health & Medicine
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