Fall 2024
EH 512
September 3 - December 20
Tuesday and Friday, split schedule
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Interdisciplinary Training in Pulmonary Sciences Part I


The intersection of environment and health is by necessity an interdisciplinary focus. The most promising advances in lung biology and respiratory disease are resulting from teams of scientists with diverse disciplinary training, including biology, medicine, engineering, and physics. In addition to a strong foundation in a specific discipline, the ability to recognize and act upon opportunities presented by outside disciplines is a crucial skill. This course is designed to train scientists to approach lung biology and respiratory diseases with an interdisciplinary perspective, in particular by bridging the gap between life sciences and physical/engineering sciences. With a focus on laboratory sciences and on mechanistic levels of understanding, course materials will cover 3 main problem areas: asthma, air pollution, and lung infection. The course consists of weekly course-meetings (lectures and case-studies) plus weekly research seminars from the physiology program. Students will gain skills in recognizing the relative strengths and weaknesses of different disciplinary approaches applied to pulmonary sciences, in designing interdisciplinary experiments effectively, and in interpreting interdisciplinary results critically. THIS CLASS HAS PRIORITY ENROLLMENT. Any student who does not meet the Wave 1 or Wave 2 criteria can add themselves to the waitlist (if enrollment requirements are met) at any time during the enrollment period. At the beginning of each priority wave, students on the waitlist who meet the Wave’s criteria will be automatically enrolled into any remaining seats in the course (pending no time conflicts). *Cross-Registrants and Non-Degree Students will be enrolled on a space available basis after the enrollment deadline for the course. Faculty of Arts & Sciences as BPH 305QC

Environmental Health
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
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Public Health & Medicine
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