Spring 2024
HO 703
March 18 - May 10
Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00 PM - 3:59 PM

Human Health and Global Environmental Change


Human activity is changing the atmosphere and altering terrestrial and marine ecosystems on a global scale. Evidence is mounting that these changes may already be having serious effects on human health, and there is growing concern that in coming decades the effects could be catastrophic. This course was developed because the practice of medicine and public health in this century will require an understanding of the relationship between human health and the global environment. It will provide an overview of climate change and biodiversity loss, two key examples of global environmental change, their potential consequences for human health, and explore solutions to these problems and the challenges inherent in realizing those solutions. The course will be open to all students at Harvard University, but enrollment is limited and preference will be given to students from Harvard Medical School, the Harvard School of Public Health, the Kennedy School of Government, and to undergraduate Environmental Science Public Policy majors. Cross-listed at HSPH as EH278. Non-HMS students should petition to enroll in EH278Location TBD at HSPH

Program in Medical Education
Harvard Medical School
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Public Health & Medicine
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