Spring 2024
January 22 - April 24
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:30AM - 11:45AM
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Foundations and Frontiers of Modern Chemistry: A Molecular and Global Perspective


The Physical Sciences hold the key to solving unprecedented problems at the intersection of science, technology, and an array of rapidly emerging global scale challenges. The course emphasizes a molecular scale understanding of energy and entropy; free energy in equilibria, acid/base reactivity, and electrochemistry; molecular bonding and kinetics; catalysis in organic and inorganic systems; the union of quantum mechanics, nanostructures, and photovoltaics; and the analysis of nuclear energy. Case studies are used both to develop quantitative reasoning and to directly link these principles to global strategies.
Course Notes: Students are expected to have high school chemistry, or have completed Life and Physical Sciences A (LPS A) or Life Sciences 1a (LS 1a), or have received permission of the instructors. Physical Sciences 10 and Physical Sciences 11 may be taken in any order. The general chemistry requirement for medical students can be satisfied with any two of the following courses: Life and Physical Sciences A, Life Sciences 1a, Physical Sciences 1, Physical Sciences 10, or Physical Sciences 11. NOTE: Physical Sciences 1 and Physical Sciences 11 cannot both be taken for credit.
Recommended Prep: A few operations of calculus are developed and used. Fluency in pre-calculus secondary school mathematics is assumed.

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