Fall 2024
DES 3510

December 31
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FORESTS: Histories and Future Narratives


“Forests: Histories and Future Narratives.” From a distance, all forests appear to be remarkably similar: they are ecosystems characterized by the dominance of trees, they provide habitat for species of flora and fauna, they provide shelter and resources to humans, and are key agents in climate mitigation and adaptation. Yet, at the same time, they are all unique, and their distinctiveness is what will draw our attention to them as the subject of study. More specifically, we will examine case examples of designed forests, those that were introduced into a site with intention. The seminar will be structured in two pArts. The first one, “Forest Legacies” will explore the evolving role of forests in the history of designed landscapes. In the second part students will closely examine case examples of their choice and explore through text and image the necessary multivalence and multiscalarity of these landscapes in the future.The seminar will provide the foundation for a Department of Landscape Architecture exhibition, “Forest Futures,” scheduled for the spring of 2024, which will explore the topic of shade and environmental justice. The seminar is open to all GSD students.

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