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It is a goal of the Salata Institute to ensure that a Harvard education prepares students for leadership in confronting present and future climate and related environmental challenges. Through programs and activities developed in coordination with Harvard’s schools, students have opportunities to contribute to society today, to learn skills valuable after they graduate, and to develop connections in the professional world of climate, environment, and sustainability.

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The Salata Institute Engages and Supports Students Across Harvard University
The Salata Institute Engages and Supports Students Across Harvard University

Student Internships at the Salata Institute

The Salata Institute is seeking Harvard undergraduate and graduate students for a range of paid internship positions. Apply by Monday, August 28th.

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Professional Opportunities

The Salata Institute is dedicated to helping students achieve their climate- and sustainability-related career goals.

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Student Programs

The Salata Institute is creating programs to support climate and sustainability student initiatives, and to deepen students’ engagement with these issues on campus and beyond.

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The Salata Institute facilitates information sharing and promotes collaboration among student organizations with interests in climate and sustainability.

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Harvard University’s undergraduate and graduate students, who aspire to solve climate-related problems through entrepreneurship, have access to resources and programming that can support them along the way.

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