Spring 2024
January 23 - April 12
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 1:30PM - 2:50PM
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Global Climate Change


Global Climate Change explores the impact of human-induced climate change on modern society and economy. The premise of the course is that a changing climate, and the way we respond to it, will ultimately affect and even transform every aspect of modern capitalism. Thus, while the course should be of interest to students contemplating careers in climate-adjacent sectors and firms, it is intended as a broader introduction to frameworks for thinking about climate change that will be relevant to all areas of business.

Educational Objectives
This course explores the causes and consequences of climate change for business and society. It evaluates the impact of climate change on geopolitics and the global economy. It addresses the stakes for firms confronting the challenges of climate change, and introduces the tools and concepts that firms and policymakers use to evaluate and address climate change. Students will explore the role of business in global decarbonization, and the challenges and opportunities this transition will create for society and for markets.

Organization of the Course
GCC meets in 25 sessions divided into five modules. These address 1) the causes of climate change, 2) national and firm mitigation strategies, 3) the green energy transition, 4) strategies for climate adaptation, and 5) opportunities for climate entrepreneurship. The course uses a combination of country and company cases to explore these topics with a focus on the intersection of public policy and firm strategy. Written work will include a quiz (10%) and a final paper (40%).

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